With a rich experience of over 14 years in textile marking, Harvard Transfer made screen printing its main activity. We offer a wide range of screen printing services while respecting the standards.
Indeed, the Mylar is among the most used in screen printing materials. It allows you to have an effect on your shiny metallic fabric. Various colors are available to suit all tastes (Silver Metal, Gold Metal, Metal Red, Royal Blue Metal, etc.). So if you want to stand out and have sublime thoughts with metal and shiny effect, the Mylar is the best product!
The technique is simple! A suitable adhesive is deposited on the fabric surface to be decorated and then dried. Mylar film is then laid hot using a press according to the pattern you have chosen. With heat, the Mylar easily adheres on the footprint of glue which was previously screen printed. At the end of the operation, you get a gorgeous setting that is heat resistant and has good dimensional stability.

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