Rhinstud is a small metal form used to customize and decorate your textile it comes to T-shirts, fashion accessories, bags, jeans, or other textiles. It is available in various shapes, sizes and colors which gives you the ability to duplicate any pattern, whatever its complexité.Notre offer:
Harvard Transfer assists you to give a new impetus to your clothes by customizing them with nails! For your T-shirts, shirts or fashion accessories, we offer you the best quality nails of different sizes and shapes. You can choose between the basic nails, aluminum, facetted, buckles, costume, etc. different color them: gold, silver, metal, etc.
The transfer allows nails to give a touch of originality to your fabric. It has the advantage of taking on all textile products, with the ability to be removed. As a company specializing in textile transfer techniques, we have developed our own working methodology that allows us to deliver your order in on time.

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