Rhinestone or strass

Rhinestone or strass is a crystal decorative element that attaches to the fabric under the effect of heat. It allows you to customize your clothes and give them a festive and creative aspect.
The realization technique is not very complicated. We first start with the design of the pattern using a specific computer software. Using special equipment we transfer the rhinestones on the fabric following the already chosen visual. Using a press and under the influence of heat, the rhinestone stick on the fabric. The result is fabulous! You get out of a radiant textile commun.Notre offer:
If you wish to reproduce your drawings and designs on T-shirts or clothing of all kinds, as crystals using shiny and sparkly rhinestones, Harvard Transfer answer your need. We create your visual form of rhinestones that give an original and prestigious effect to your T-shirts, clothing or fashion accessories. We offer a wide selection of rhinestone sizes and colors (crystal, crimped, mirror, etc.) with top quality and a great price

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