For special effects on your textile, you can opt for the swelling printing that allows you to develop your visual creation. This screen printing process which provides an appearance blowing the printed patterns is realized by the addition of a swelling at the base screen printing ink which permits the latter to swell under the effect of heat. The result is sublime! A swelling and textured embossed.
The blowing ink (puff) can be used on all textile products, whether light or dark. We use a technique that allows to have a good tactile rendering with a fabulous 3D effect. The process involves asking the swelling ink on the mesh of a silk screen and then deposited on the support to print the selected pattern. Then, the print is subjected to a very high temperature to fix the puff. And get your soft embossed patterns, soft and fluffy.
Harvard Transfer is a screen printing benchmark using the swelling ink. Concerned about the good work, our achievements a personalized study for each request in order to achieve meaningful results that will satisfy our customers.

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