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Harvard Transfert

Whether you are a high fashion company, an advertising agency, a sports club, association, etc. customizing your sports clothing or clothing advertising will allow you to identify, differentiate you from your competition and promoting your brand.
Harvard Transfer is distinguished by the quality of its services. Our unique and custom designs are the key to the success of our business. We are known for our expertise in the field of embroidery and digital printing on silk, cotton or other fabrics.
With Harvard Transfer, enter the world of fashion to yourself! With our expertise in digital printing, screen printing and embroidery, you can renovate your own fabric and unleash your imagination to design an unlimited number of patterns to embroider or print on your fabric.



The company

Harvard Transfer is a company specialized in textile printing based in Morocco. With an experience of over 14 years, Harvard Transfer offers a full range of quality printing services to meet all your requirements.

We use the latest digital technology and we respect international printing standards to ensure the best quality in terms of color and a longer life for the fabric.

Passionate printing and embroidery, our teams support you every step to find the manufacturing processes, formats and the most suitable media to your communication objectives: choice of patterns, colors, fabric type, support the most suitable ….

We identify your needs, we will guide you in choosing the pattern and we support you to offer you a quality service in a timely manner and with the best prices on the market.


Textile Printing

Harvard Transfer opened in 2000. Over time, and thanks to its demanding customers, the company has grown and gained experience and expertise that have enabled it to further develop its services for textile printing .

Currently, we have a staff of fifty experienced staff and our company is equipped with the latest generation of machines.

We offer a wide range of services in the textile marking, creation, design, transfer, rhinestone studs, printing flocking in glitter, of tar, caviar, digitally.

Our enthusiasm, our expertise and our passion for textile printing and embroidery make us an ideal partner to accompany you in the success of your project.

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